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Fitness: Walk & Talks

Working as a Virtual Lifestyle Coach with Gymstones Factory allows me to help and heal anyone, anywhere, through the power of Walk and Talk sessions.

Walk for Miles without even noticing! Walking has provided my mind, body, and spirit with an uplifting and easy way to keep myself fit!

No Gym, No Problem! The benefits of walking include weight loss, improved mood, sleep, vision, mental clarity, mobility, etc. There are so many ways you can enhance your health and I am happy to talk you through it…as we walk together!

Figured I’d blend my passion for helping others into a movement meditation style walk. “Steps to solutions” is my way of accomplishing a talk therapy with walking. I am all ears in finding ways that we can work through whatever needs to be confronted!

Regular walking can help ease depression” An article by Janice Neumann (Reuters Health) in the “Scientific American” suggests that women who walked or engaged in moderate- intensity exercise for 150- 200 minutes a week (approx. 30 min. per day) had more energy, socialized more, felt better emotionally and were not limited by their depression. More of a reason to get up, get out of our heads and start moving to a better headspace.

If you have time to Talk, you have time to Walk! Tell me what we are talking about on my “Client Request Form” page then we will find a time to get together, Virtually or on a fun trail!

Exercising to Explore is an adventure! Walking through your own neighborhood or a new city/ environment, we stop to appreciate all that is around us. A truly grounding experience that challenges ourselves to step out of our heads and expand our horizons, literally!

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