“Self- Care: Doing things that make you feel more like yourself” ~Robyn Conley Downs

Feeling beautiful has changed for me over the years. In my late teens and early 20’s, the term “beautiful” was a face full of make up, making my skin look flawless with a dramatic smokey eye. Until I worked with Fresh Skincare in 2015, my whole world has changed to what the term “beautiful” really meant. First of all, my “beauty routine” had a TOTAL UPGRADE!

As a Fresh Skincare Representative, my job was not only to sell Fresh skincare products but to, also, educate my clients on how to properly take care of their skin! Being your Skin is your largest organ, you need to take GREAT care of it!

Whether it’s the products you “feed your skin” or the foods you eat, it takes a conscious effort to give a good look at yourself and what your daily habits are to see how you can make the necessary changes to help you feel and look good.

“Feeling Beautiful” is far from a face filled with makeup. Sometimes it’s the face of a hot sweaty workout, no makeup and great skincare products or a blank canvas ready to be transformed for the night. Beauty is the way you feel about yourself.

Here is a section of all things that have helped me, in order to help you!

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“Beauty is what you feel about yourself not about what you see in the mirror”

Being a Beauty Product Tester gave me insight on how to observe if a product is really working OR if it is our minds telling us a magical skin story. I adapted to creating a skin care diary to note what agrees or disagrees with my skin. If your skin turns red, itchy or bumpy after using a product, NOTE it and see a dermatologist immediately! We should never continue to use anything that causes harm to our body. Here are some emerging skincare brands that, recently, passed my test and highly recommend them!

Cannalogica- https://www.cannalogica.com/

A travel size gift that gives a great glow ✨ Wearing @cannalogica_ This serum is :⁣
⁣🌿 Clarifying with oil of oregano because it’s anti microbial⁣
🌿 Soothing with CBD extract- helps reduce redness from skin irritation ⁣
🌿Anti aging with Hemp oil- reduces the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles ⁣
🌿 Light enough to apply solo or before makeup to keep your skin fully hydrated.⁣

A completely hydrated base allows makeup applications to be smooth & last longer without makeup looking caked on from dry skin 😊 #themoreyouknowyouglow


Sunday’s are for #selfcare featuring @santosha
Starting off the week with a clean slate/ face ⁣
Refreshing the Face routine 😊:⁣
⁣🌸 Purifying Facial Cleanser⁣
🌸 Antioxidant Toner⁣
🌸 Healing Face Oil⁣
🌸 Nourishing Face Cream⁣

Tracie Martyn- www.traciemartyn.com/

Heaven on earth is the only way to describe an experience @traciemartyn taken after the Red Light bed followed by a Red Carpet Facial ⁣
Nothing but a towel on & truly appreciating the skin I am in ☮️ ✨ #whatafeeling ⁣
⁣🎁💡If you can’t make it to the spa, bring the spa back to you. Some of my favorites to make my skin 🤩:⁣
* Amla Purifying Cleanser⁣
* Enzyme Exfoliant Mask⁣
* Firming Serum ⁣
*Shakti Face + Body Resculpting Cream⁣

Ruby Red lightbed ❤️ @traciemartyn
Not only did my skin feel soft & look radiant, but, I felt energized 🧬 The body absorbs the light and transforms it into energy🔜 used at a cellular level to build new proteins and regenerate cells#skinscience

(My skin is very sensitive so I seek more natural skincare products to avoid irritation from harsh ingredients. )

The Fine White Line Mood Board

Lancôme Le Crayon Khol Smoky Eye Liner “White”

The way you wear white eyeliner really makes a difference!

Worn in the water line, the white magnifies your eyes giving the appearance of larger eyes.

Worn as top liner or graphic liner, the white gives a bold expression! Really fun trend that is light + fun for the summer. Here is another article I love for inspiration and suggestions to make your eyes beautifully bright. https://www.byrdie.com/best-white-eyeliners-4764131