Know what to eat to Heal Your Body

Certified Diet Typing System Specialist CDTS

Food IN, Energy OUT! There is a huge correlation of how certain foods affect our bodies. Every time you eat, the body goes through a series of processes to break down the food and convert it to energy.

Energy derived from the foods you eat is used to drive your body’s building process:

  • Building the muscles, tissues, and organs, DNA, and fat!

Diet Typing System is an easy, affordable, online test with immediate results! This system creates a formula that will allow each person to know what to eat , according to their DTS type. Anyone seeking optimal health and getting to the root cause of disease will benefit greatly from this system.

Once you take the test and find out your DTS type, you receive a customized food list to help heal over 49 health conditions as well as 11 allergies + intolerances. There is detailed instructions on understanding your food list, creating and measuring your meals and a unique food log with an explanation called Body Mind Food Log, to help you dial in the right ratios + type of macronutrients. There are recipes, information and storage on each food, as well.

You are 100 percent guided and supported on this journey to achieving a beautifully, balanced body.

If you or someone you know is interested in being DietTyped, please click on my Client Request Form page and type in the comments “DTS” along with any other inquiries 🙂

Nancy Dale is a clinical nutritionist, co-founder of Diet Typing Systems, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, certified fitness trainer, yoga practitioner and Certified Chef.