What the Future of Fashion will look like…

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Chromotherapy is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. Each color possesses frequencies of a specific vibration, and each vibration is related to different physical symptoms”(sunlighten.com).

We have to really dive deep into our fashion senses. The colors we choose play a larger role than we think. “Orange is the New Black” for a reason and a season, as you look at the chart above. Orange is the color of creativity, optimism, enthusiasm, etc. Not saying that Black has been replaced. Wearing the color Black was once considered a very “New York” thing, while Europeans were known to wear all black with pops of color in accessories (shoes, bags, scarves).

Black in the color spectrum, is considered the absence of color but also provides depth and variation for the other hues. Black is associated with authority, power, mystery, strength, elegance...(bournccreative.com). Maybe that is why we choose to wear it often in business environments or even “Black Tie” engagements?

With more understanding of Chromotherapy and the power of the color spectrum, it brings awareness to how we can find healing and balance in our lives,with the colors we choose to associate ourselves with.

Indigenous Insights“, is a the Key trends for 2021, according to one of my favorite fashion forecasting companies “WGSN”. This means taking inspiration from holistic and collective wisdom. To me, this marries the concept of spiritual and healing practices with fashion. How we find inner peace, as well as balancing our Chakras (I will explain Chakras in my next post) will be revealed through our fashion choices because that involves the seven colors from sunlight, which we need in order to survive!

My advice moving forward is to get to know your ROYGBIV, well 😉 These colors provide spiritual, emotional, and physical healing and will help guide you to make the best fashion choice for the energy you choose to possess.