I never wanted to bring attention to the fact that I suffer from a Gastrointestinal Issue called Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS). It was something I just wanted to, quietly, deal with and move on. 

Nausea and bloating would be a part of my digestive process and accepted it.

In my teens, I started changing my diet from chicken fingers and junk food to a more conscious way of eating. Creating healthy alternatives for my old cravings and eating more lean proteins, vegetables, etc., I also noticed that whenever I ate something, it felt like I was being stabbed in the gut with knives. Most nights would end horribly with abdominal cramps, extreme bloating, and a trip to the bathroom. 

After several GI doctor visits, hearing that I have IBS, sparked my interest in becoming my own detective of what I eat & how I feel. It seemed as if everything I ate was a problem and no one knew how to fix the root cause of the problem, completely.

One symptom was constipation, which was a major problem. The bloating and cramping, in this case, was caused by my diet, lacking the right amount of fiber. So, I educated myself and found out, we should all be consuming about 25 grams of fiber, per day. After making that switch, it solved most of my bloating and constipation issues. It also helped me lose seven pounds, because high fiber foods fill you up and keep your colon clean. At times, the bloating and abdominal cramping were still present. So, I took the advice of my friend and made an appointment with her Accupuncturist, Ken Moss.

Seeing Ken Moss was a life saver!


He addressed that I had an allergy to garlic and anything related to the Allium family. This included garlic, onions, shallots, leeks, chives, spices/ powders of that nature. I was shocked because I LOVED Garlic and is present in most foods…

Being my body recognized garlic as a toxin, it reacted terribly whenever I ate it. For years, I feared many foods because there are hidden bits of garlic in every thing. My body did not absorb anything I ate, causing eating disorder speculations, fear, anxiety, etc.. When dining out, I always ASK if anything as simple as shrimp cocktail is boiled in garlic water because I was told by several waiters that garlic is added in water for extra flavor.

Digestive issues are serious and need to be addressed and not ignored, as I did in the past.

Listen to your body… How do you feel when you eat something that you believe can be a “trigger” food? Bloating, nausea, abdominal cramps , etc. should NOT be a normal part of life for you.

Digestive enzymes, Activated charcoal and Probiotics are all helpful ways to deal with GI symptoms. Never leave home without them! Love this vitamin case to carry around in my bag.

Sharing my experience to help anyone who feels this way when they eat certain things. It is not in your head and you can be helped. 

Cheers to eating in peace & enjoying meals where ever you are 🙂

Supplement Suggestions: Things I have tried and love. Open to hear more!

Digest Gold https://enzymedica.com/collections/enzymes/products/digest-gold-enzymes-digestive-enzyme?variant=1125337536

Veganzyme https://globalhealing.com/veganzyme?gclid=Cj0KCQiA5bz-BRD-ARIsABjT4nidiPEFhGDthf3F7rcQlhQ2tGI2VmM5fZDnw12WnCCnv5mNMw5rQSoaAkqrEALw_wcB

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