Some Food for thought, literally….

One of my goals is to share the excitement of eating healthy and the knowledge on how to swap snacks.

“Everything in MODERATION” is 100% true but, who, actually, is moderate when it comes to eating junk foods or calorie dense meals? I, definitely, am NOT and never was….The days of eating a whole sleeve of Oreo’s, in one sitting, had to go. Here are some snacks and products that I have in my pantry or carry, in my purse, at all times. Whether I am traveling, attending a party or out on the go, I always bring along something to keep me satisfied, as it is important to stay on the “right track”.

Snacks Swaps (Low carb/ High Fiber)

  • Bagel *The Better Bagel
  • Brownies or Muffins *Thin Slim (Brownies, Muffins)
  • Coffee Syrup *Skinny Syrups
  • Peanut Butter Blondie *Simply Scrumptious PB Square
  • Peanut Butter *Powdered Peanut Butter (PB2)
  • Lavish Bread/ Pita’s *Joseph’s Low Carb
  • Maple Syrup, Chocolate Dips, etc *Waldens Farms
  • Oreo’s *Catalina Crunch Cookie
  • Plain Crackers *GG Bran Crackers/ Fiber Smart
  • Protein Bars *Quest Bar
  • Reese’s Cup *Quest PB Cups
  • Sweedish Fish/ Candy Gummies *Smart Sweets
  • Tortillas *Mission Tortilla’s “Carb Smart

Most of the products listed, you can find online. My Long Island Friends, If you happen to be in Plainview, N.Y, my favorite health food shop “Get Healthy America” is there to find all of these goodies! Stop in and say Hi to my favorite ladies and tell them Niki sent you 🙂 Friends of mine are friends of yours. Here is the website to order the snacks!

Pizza Party feat. Joseph’s!

Filled with Protein + Fiber, these Pizzas are perfect for a post workout snack or anytime that Pizza craving kicks in, without setting back your fitness goals!

The “Lavash Bread” is a long flat bread. I used both the Lavash and large Pita breads to make these pizzas. The Pita has 60 Calories. The Lavash has 120 for a whole flatbread. In ten minutes and five ingredients, you have a mini pie or big slice!


  • Joeseph’s Bread
  • Tomato Sauce OR Fresh Sliced Tomatoes
  • Shredded Parmesian Cheese/ Low Fat Ricotta for extra cheese lovers
  • Ghee or Cooking spray to coat the breads
  • Oregano, basil (spices)

Bake at 350 Degrees for about 10 minutes (until cheese crisps). Lay the pitas or lavash on a flat pan lined with parchment paper. Spray/ coat the breads with cooking oil/ghee, spread the sauce on & sprinkle with cheese + spices! Vegan alternatives can be made! Will try it out in the future 🙂 Enjoy!

Taste Testing of Snacks

Recently starting creating taste tests with people to see which they prefer (snack or swap) and if the healthy alternative is worth eating….

So Far…

Quest PB Cups “Tasted the exact same!” So it is a YAY to swapping, plus the nutritional profiles of both will help you understand why you should swap it!

Oreo VS Catalina Crunch Cookie Sandwich

Catalina Crunch tasted “A bit crunchier and less sweet but very good. You can replace Oreo’s in a recipe”…another YAY.

2 Oreo’s = 100 Calores, 9 Sugars, 1 G Protein, 0G Fiber 2 Catalina Crunch = 90 Calories, 2 G Sugars, 4 G Protein, 3 G Fiber