As a Diet Typing Specialist, my goal is to help you get to know your body, educate you on the foods that fuel you to perform optimally, and heal any imbalances you have.

Being Diet Typed as a “Sugar Burner” made sense to why my body reacts to foods and what I should avoid and add into my diet, to keep me energized, satisfied and happy in the process. Food should be enjoyed! Everything can be in moderation and balance to your body type. This page is dedicated to meals I LOVE and helps me feel satisfied and light!

Each meal should have protein, fat, and carbs to be balanced. Each diet type adjusts the ratios to their specific type. It is OK to be different. Our physiques are unique and should be celebrated.

***I have a Garlic Allergy. Restaurant mentions are places that can accommodate my allergy.

“The Mediterranean diet is a top pick among dietitians and health organizations and even won the “Best Diet Overall” title from US News and World Report“since 2019, according to As a true Mediterranean (half Greek-Cypriot, half Italian), I am excited to celebrate another victorious year in receiving the #1 ranked diet because of it’s health benefits. From my experience and knowledge with DTS, the theme of this diet is the beauty of the balance in each meal. There are no rigid rules, foods rich in healthy fats, moderate red meat consumption, fish, vegetables, whole grains, bread and even wine included. Studies showed that this diet is the key to longevity and improving cardiovascular health, along with weight loss. You will see in my posts, a lot of my meals are mediterranean inspired from my travels (Greece, Cyprus, Italy) and cravings. Just some fun info but the truth in healing is eating foods that agree with your body and help you perform at it’s best. Here are some photos of foods I drooled over in the mediterranean.

Top: (Left/right) Whole Roasted Lavraki +Horiatiki – Greek Salad, Sauteed mushrooms (Kefalonia Greece)
Middle: Truffle’s with Carla Lopez @Tartufott by Savini Tartuffo. Fresh grilled vegetables, Salads+ seafood (Milan, Italy)
Bottom: Largest Calamari in Zakinthos, Greece + Grilled Balsamic Veggies in Sami, Kefalonia, Greece

***Moderate Sugar Burners, like me, can strive for a carb:fat ratio of 2:1, along with a light protein. My protein often consists of fish, seafood, egg whites, occasional chicken on the bone… My plates are filled with veggies because I truly enjoy them, they help me feel full, satisfied and energized. The fat is in the olive oil drizzled over or in my meals.

Grilled Salmon Over Arugula Salad- Salmon (Protein), Arugula Salad (Carb) Olive Oil (fat) Salad @CafeBaci Long Island

This was @CafeBaci on Long Island BUT figured out a recipe to DIY

Simple Salmon over arugula 

  • Salmon (Filet)
    + Salt, Paprika,  Parsley
    +Brush with Olive Oil
    Bake @375 for  12- 15 min – medium
  • +3 C Arugula
    +3 Sun dried tomatoes (halved)
    +Handful Grape tomatoes +1/4 sliced white onion  +1/2 C Sliced RadichioDressing
    +Olive oil & Lemon, salt
    +Apple Cider Vinegar (big taste/ calorie saver)

Grilled Shrimp (Protein) Pesto (Fat) Broccoli (Carb) @Andrea’s 25 Commack