My name is Nicole Eleni Bonanni, professional BFF (Beauty, Fashion, and Fitness) guide. My original passion was storytelling and creating meaning for my audience. Whether I was sharing a story of what supplements to take to create energy for exercise, what lipstick to wear to brighten your smile or what outfits to wear to accentuate your shape, it brings me great pleasure to share my experiences in these things to help create a better life for yourself.

Graduating from Iona College with a BA in Mass Communications / TV Production, I’ve explored multiple career paths. From TV sets, assisting fashion designers, skincare education and testing to health care marketing, etc the moral of my story is to accept changes and adapt to the current climates. Whatever path we take in life, we have to enjoy the ride through all the roads that lead us to our true passion.

I am a creative and free spirited person, who loves helping people enjoy overall wellness for their mind, body and soul. Recently, becoming a certified personal trainer with the National Council of Strength & Fitness also helped me understand the human body more and how to explore healing your body through meditation and movement. 

Having the opportunity to travel throughout Europe and attend Fashion/ Design expos’, learn about color design, visuals, and materials developed an intuition on fashion forecasting, which became a fun hobby and creative outlet for brand curating and trend shopping.  

My acting and modeling experiences have opened my eyes and some doors in the beauty industry. Conversations and opportunities to work with celebrity makeup artists helped master my craft and knowledge of what works on your face when it comes to makeup and skincare. 

Living in New York City and being surrounded by great resources of inspiration, created these avenues in my career.

One beautiful thing out of this 2020 Pandemic was the birth of my “walk and talks” where I am able to take on clients who literally need talk therapy, while walking miles. It feels good to blow off some steam and calories without realizing your walking 4-6 miles, right? 

My multiple experiences have brought me to this place of various subjects I can talk about with you, to help you get yourself back to feeling great. 

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